Let go of Management Stress

Our clients — comprised of entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners — are often bogged down with an overload of administrative tasks that detract from the big-picture issues.

Adminologist recognizes no two clients are alike — that is why our services are personalized and tailored to your particular business concerns.

Below outlines types of administrative support services we offer. If your area of concern does not fit into any of the boxes, it’s fine, we will design a support package just for you!

Types of Administrative Support Services

Leadership RoleAdministrative Support Service
Strategic Leadership & ManagementCalendar Management; Plan & Schedule Meetings, Workshops & Events
Act as Liaison to Clients, Investors, and Business Partners Manage and Track Important Deadlines  
Business Goals and ObjectivesUpdate Strategic Plans, Documents, Reports, Presentations   Document Best Practices Document Policies and Procedures
Financial ManagementPrepare Reports and Presentations for Sales, and Profitability Updates Invoicing, budgets, chart of accounts and expense allocation
Communications Prepare Announcements, Social Media Updates, Newsletters
Corporate EventsSchedule Meetings, Training, Seminars, and Workshops Speaking engagements
Client RelationshipsSchedule Periodical Meetings, Transportation, Lunch & Dinner Meetings Reminders, Special Occasion Greeting Cards, Gifts
General AdministrationBuy office supplies, services, gifts, special occasion recognition
LegalManage Legal Documents, Supplier Agreements, NDAs, SOWs  
TravelBook Airline Reservations, Hotel, Rental Car, and Ground Transportation  

Types of Projects

Short term projects – Administrative support on an hourly basis using virtual and/or onsite support. Could start off as a one-time project, and maybe extend up to a month.

Long term projects – Administrative support on an hourly basis using virtual and/or onsite support. This project may start out at one month and extend to several years.


Adminologist believes in keeping it simple. Clients pay only two rates; 1) the virtual hourly rate and/or 2) the onsite hourly rate. You do not pay for overtime, benefits, or expenses that are incurred to run the Admininologist business.

Please be aware that “Packages” are not available at this time, but feel free to contact us about designing a special program that works within your budget.