iStock_000061660072_MediumAdminologist® is a service company offering a wide range of administrative support to executives, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners where resources are limited.

We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and work slightly different than a “Virtual Assistant” business in that our services are contracted on a “as needed” basis that includes the flexibility of either onsite or offsite support.

Q:  Do you have office overload?

A:  Delegate – busy professionals choose to delegate administrative tasks to save valuable time!

Q:  Do you schedule your own meetings, events and travel?

A:  Delegate – Adminologist is an experienced corporate Executive Assistant that you can trust!


 “Adminologist Brings People and Places together for Purpose”

Travel Planner:  Let us do the shopping for you to get price comparisons on airfares hotel and other ground transportation.  After booking your travel with us, we will map out your entire business logistics for you.

Meeting Planner: Onsite and virtual meeting planning  –  set up meetings with agenda, collect deliverables, send invitations, track attendance, attend meetings, publish notes.

Event Planner:  Events planned from conception to completion so the day of the event comes together on time and on budget.