Hand Over the Administrative Details

Our clients are entrepreneurs, founders, co-founders, and small business owners. Their administrative requirements do not fit into any one box, to be honest.  In fact, 99.9% of the projects Adminologist receives tend to be customized because no two clients are alike…no two projects are alike; no two days are the same…and the requirements always change!.  

Below are various types of Administrative Services, but if you do not fit into the box, it’s fine, we will provide a specialized support package just for you!

Types of Administrative Service

Personal Administrative Assistant

A Personal Assistant may work for a professional, individual, or even a private household – these are people that have too much going on to stay organized themselves.   In this role, there is usually a combination of business and personal support needed.  A Personal Assistant tends to work on scheduling appointments, updating calendars, books travel, tracks expenses, sends gifts, greeting cards, and other personal related communications.

Executive Assistant

An Executive Assistant works for an individual or an executive team to manage the project activities including scheduling meetings, events and travel. Team meetings may include multiple time zones and could be an online meeting using Zoom, or Web-ex for example, or could be an in-person that would include travel arrangements. The assistant prepares for the meeting by confirming RSVPs and collect deliverables in advance. The assistant sometimes attends the meeting, takes notes, transcribes notes, and distributes to attendees. In this role, the assistant may also manage the daily workflow of the office or project, and helps improve office efficiencies. Suggestions can be made to streamline the workflow processes.

General Office Administration

An example of General Office Administration encompasses a wide range of support that helps with the day to day office workflow. This may include setting up a new office, working with contractors, purchase supplies, gather quotes, tracking expenses, provide support for new hire onboarding, create a filing system, track important deadlines on the calendar, provide follow up reports, create documents using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Types of Projects

Short term support projects – Administrative support on an hourly basis using virtual and or onsite support. Could start off as a one-time project, and maybe extend up to a month.

Long term support projects – Administrative support on an hourly basis using virtual and or onsite support. This project may start out at one month and extend to several years.


Adminologist believes in keeping it simple. There are only two rates that clients pay; 1) the virtual rate and 2) the onsite rate. You do not pay for overtime, benefits, or expenses that are Incurred to run my business.

At this time, “Packages” are not part of the offering, but if you have long term projects and want to design a special program to work within your budget, let’s talk about it.