Business Meetings

Business meetings are complex and often involve people in multiple time zones across the globe…Meeting Planners usually work with a given and sometimes inflexible timeline. There is often a complex set of logistics to work with when scheduling important meetings.  Allowing plenty of time for planning purposes will help ensure the best results and primary business objectives are met.

Most executive calendars are booked with appointments, meetings, and travel for months in advance. Making changes to any meeting that involves several executives in different time zones can be a logistical nightmare. This is where planning the logistics of a business meeting becomes critical and we always strive to get it right the first time.

Workshops, Training, Seminars

Meeting Planners bring people and places together for a purpose always with a common objective, goal, or an important decision to be made.

It could be a meeting, a workshop, a series of training sessions or a seminar; the meeting planning process begins with choosing the day, time, location, and duration; a placeholder is set on the calendar, and requested attendees are informed.

The Meeting Planner will help gather a list of the required attendees, ask for a list of alternative attendees that are decision-makers, get the agenda nailed down, and start collecting presentation materials and other deliverables before the meeting.

Onsite meetings are usually scheduled in a conference meeting room (sometimes offsite) based on availability and equipment required. Presentation equipment is often needed, in addition to setting up a zoom session or web-ex. In most cases, catering is arranged based on specific meal preferences or dietary requirements determined well in advance.

If travel is required, the Meeting Planner will begin making travel arrangements with the hotel preferences, ground transportation, limousine, registrations, VIP contact list with a list of meetings needed or already planned.  For international travel, visa and passport updates are also required in advance.

Once the Meeting Invitation is sent, the Meeting Planner carefully tracks the rsvp’s and ensures all deliverables are received prior to the meeting. In addition, the meeting room is prepped prior to the meeting and cleaned up after the meeting. Many times, the Meeting Planner will attend the meeting to take notes and record action items and assist with other logistics.