Welcome to Adminologist!

It’s Time to Delegate Administrative Tasks

With the New Year in mind, we have made our resolutions and written new goals. Some of us are reinventing ourselves or pivoting our businesses that will lead to something entirely new. Whether you are in business for yourself, or an individual working from home, we are happy you found us and are excited to get to know you.

More than a Virtual Assistant

Adminologist embraces the entrepreneurial spirit and offers clients a wide range of administrative support services. We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley allowing local businesses the flexibility of providing services onsite, virtually, or in your home office.  Projects are contracted on a part-time basis and can be managed on either a short-term or long-term basis. 

Our business is designed to align with you as an administrative partner and provide specialized support to help you meet your important deadlines.  All work is performed locally while you attend to critical business matters. More importantly, your project is held confidential and never compromised through outsourcing.

Adminologist is committed to building relationships on a strong foundation of trust by delivering quality work and managing those assignments with great efficiency. 

We Are Here to Help

We act as a liaison to help you navigate through your day in ways that save you countless hours. Adding administrative support to your project can streamline business processes and reduces stress. Why not let us help you update your social media, schedule meetings, prepare for online events, and coordinate your travel for you?

  • Business Assistant– Executive, Assistant, Administrative Assistant
  • Personal Assistant – Home Office, Home Management Support
  • Meetings, Event Planning and Travel Coordination

Cost Effective

Unlike many virtual assistant businesses today, Adminologist is not an Agency, but rather a service company that specializes in contract administrative support. We help clients get the support they need without paying costly agency markup fees.   Some clients reportedly estimate an average savings of around 25% to 60% in their budget!


Adminologist manages a limited number of engagements to ensure our clients receive the personalized support and responsiveness they deserve. 

To get started email cj@adminologist.com to schedule a time to talk.