Adminologist: Your Administrative Partner dedicated to providing administrative support during times of office overload.
A = LO + IP2
Adminologist = Lower Overhead + Increased Productivity

Adminologist is Cost Effective

Adminologist is a service company located in the Bay Area and specializes in providing contract administrative support to help individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses get the office support needed without the costly markup of hiring through a temporary employment agency.

More Than a Virtual Assistant

We conduct our business locally allowing us the flexibility to offer services onsite, offsite or a combination of both.  We are committed to building a strong foundation of trust by delivering quality work and managing those assignments with great efficiency. By acting as your administrative partner, our desire is to provide services that will help improve the overall effective of your business.

Delegate Administrative Projects

Our # 1 goal is to be your “go to” person.  Our office services extend – from general office administration, to meeting planning, event planning, travel coordination and more.  By developing a business relationship, we diligently work behind the scenes to complete your project on time and within budget.


Adminologist manages a limited number of engagements to ensure our clients receive the personalized support and responsiveness they deserve.

To get started call 510-410-5285 or email