Travel Coordinator

As your travel coordinator, I focus on providing the traveler(s) with at least two or three options to consider in preparation for the desired travel package. I begin with  requesting a completed Travel Profile.  This helps me identify preferences, capture travel association information and it is an important and effective tool in the long run.

My travel suggestions will include airline choices, direct flights and connection flight options if desired.  Quotes for hotels, rental car, limos and other other ground transportation arrangements will also be included in many cases.

Most travelers have a limited budget.  Capturing a full itinerary plan and offering several options for the traveler to consider helps us compare both convenience and cost.

I go into a lot of detail in the travel planning process.  For example, sometimes changing the departure date, or date of return will lessen the cost significantly.  This is just a sample of one of the methods I use to identify and optimize on a travel savings package designed especially for you.


  • Individual Travel, Group Travel
    • Provide the client with several options for making travel choices
  • Domestic Travel, International Travel
    • Provide the client with passport and visa support
  • Estimate Airline choices and schedules; train schedules and costs
  • Quote and confirm hotel arrangements
  • Convention reservations
  • Quote and book ground transportation
  • Provide a complete and confirmed Travel Itinerary with calendar updates
    • A complete travel logistic report to include meetings, special events, dinners, contact information, etc.
  • Make recommendations for travel insurance upon request

Tell us what you need and we can make it happen!