Event Planning – the Devil is in the Details…

Or sometimes said “God in in the Details”, meaning that when you do not concentrate on the details of something you may run into unexpected problems. Problems on large projects can often be attributed to small mistakes that were overlooked (Source: theidioms.com)

As soon as I put on my Event Planning hat, I begin designing a special event using a culmination of inspiration, creativity, and then I start working up a timeline.   

Events of any size are always based upon the audience, time of year, the occasion, and the client’s budget.

Although, sometimes an event begins with a preselected venue because it is the costliest part of the project.

But, if you have not gotten that far in the decision or planning stage, … do not worry …  Adminologist has a multitude of resources to help you find the perfect venue -including help with finding unique resources for decorations, photography, entertainment, and transportation.

Every step of the way during the planning stages the finite details are captured in reports with timeline, action items, and budget updates. These important details are reviewed and approved by the client on a periodical basis.  

Quotes for price and availability are provided to help determine if the event planning services are moving in the right direction for you.

Ready to celebrate an Event?

Kick back and relax – Adminologist will quickly become your trusted “go-to” Event Planner and the glue that holds everything together during the entire planning process.