Busy Executives Delegate Administrative Tasks

to Better Manage their time…



Adminologist is an administrative partner that works one-on-one with busy “on the go” executives to build collaborative  partnerships. 

Collaboration is the name of the game!  Working with an administrative partner will help you meet your deadlines and keep your projects moving forward.  Creating a support plan is the best way to ensure you will meet your important goals and objectives.  And executives that become more efficient improves the overall effectiveness of your business.   

Reasons to Colaborate with Adminologist

  • Trust:  Adminologist is an experienced professional. Your project will never be outsourced or assigned to someone else. 
  • Confidentiality: Your confidentiality will never be compromised.
  • Time: Your time is valuable.  Let Adminologist handle your administrative assignments for you so you can build your business.
  • Space: Eliminate costly office space and equipment expense.  Your meetings can be effectively conducted through a simple phone call, scheduled zoom, or web-ex, etc.
  • Cost: It is no longer necessary to hire an employee to work for you. Think of the savings — no more expensive paid benefits, or wasted time spent on conducting annual reviews, payroll processing.
  • Flexibility: Adminologist manages both long-term and short-term assignments.  You choose the type of service needed.

Wondering what can be Delegated?  Here are some ideas to consider: 

  • Your Assistant can be your point of contact for followups and collect deliverables.
  • Your Assistant can be your gatekeeper and liaison to support business relationships when you are not available.
  • Your Assistant prepares documents for you; Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Your Assistant can manage your calendar, schedule appointments, plan events, organize meetings, prepare for webinars, workshops and trainings. 
  • Your Assistant can shop for travel deals, book your travel for you and  confirm all the supporting logistics involved.
  • Your Assistant can prepare your Expense Reports, collect receipts and get reimbursements while you are busy doing something more important.
  • Your Assistant can be your goodwill ambassador and buy gifts for your clients.  It’s important to remember them on special occasions.
  • Your Assistant tracks your Purchase Orders, Supplier Agreements, Statement of Work, and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Your Assistant can be your bookkeeper or works with your bookkeeper: update QuickBooks, and process Invoices.
  • Your Assistant can assist you with hiring; job descriptions, job postings, resume review, pre-screen candidates.
  • Your Assistant can track your projects and important deadline for you. 

If you don’t see what you are looking for in the list above, that’s perfectly fine — because no two clients have the same requirements.  In fact, most projects CJ works on are designed to meet the client’s needs.

Value Added Administrative Services 

Primarily, CJ works from her virtual office. But she also knows knows that there are times you might need on-site support at your office or at a meeting.  In this case, she will travel and provide you with specialized on-site support as needed. This is an extra service that truly makes Adminologist unique!


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