Good Business Systems Reduce Expense & Increase Productivity

“Implementing correct business systems from the start is one of the most important things a business owner can do to improve the operational effectiveness of their company, and it will continue to provide many benefits for years to come.”

 I’m always on the look-out for opportunities to increase productivity in my business and will often pass along information to the clients I support.

Sadly, I’ve learned over the past three years that many small business owners are not using any business systems at all.  Why?  I’m told the reasons are two-fold 1) because it costs money upfront, and 2) there’s a learning curve.

Both reasons are valid, but on the other hand, using excel spreadsheets to run your business has its limitations.  Even with written procedures to follow, problems will continue to arise.  What can be done about the gaps caused by missing documentation, updates stuck in an email somewhere, not to mention the lack of excel revision control that comes with having multiple users?

Agreed, a manual system can work for a while, but it constantly needs tweaking (not a good use of time).  Eventually, you may reach the point of no return and want to take a more systematic approach for managing the day to day operation of your business.

If you are looking for a quality driven consistent approach, you may want to consider looking at these two recommended business systems that will help streamline the workflow and keep important documentation organized.

Implement A Good Accounting System

A good accounting system does not mean hand writing checks and manually reconciling the bank statements.  Nor is it using excel spreadsheets to track income and expense or record other important financial transactions.

Have you ever met a business owner that proudly claimed, “I’m glad I have no accounting system!” ?  Using the manual approach is cause for deviation without intention — or human error; misplace receipts, record data in the wrong spreadsheet, or simply get lost in the maze of disconnected revisions.

On the other hand having a good accounting system in place keeps your important financial records all in location.   It makes running a business much easier, allows for a smoother workflow, and it is far less complicated or expensive than you might expect.  A good reason why today over 750,000 small business owners are successfully using QuickBooks Online.

Implement a Good Database Management System

I’ve been hearing good things about Airtableit’s a spreadsheet, it’s a database and it’s flexible!  Yes, it’s all that and more….

Just imagine having a database management system that already has the structure to record every business activity and organize all project details — in one intuitive platform tool.   Airtable has great features that allow you to easily manage all related content, add attachments, link to documents and record notes. And there are plenty of options to filter, sort, and group information and run reports in a way that gives you all the flexibility desired — so it is easier to arrange your work the way you want to and always gain easy access — any time.

“Nothing can replace proven methodology that results in increased productivity and greater office efficiency.”

Small business owners can take advantage of both product offerings today — get the first 30 days for free — a good amount of time to evaluate which product can be utilized for their business type.  As a Virtual EA, I am convinced these tools will simplify work processes, reduce expense and increase the overall effectiveness of a small business.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog,

CJ Lipe

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