Buying Time for the Holidays with Gift Buying Services

Christmas Day is only a few weeks away and with good reason why some people are feeling the “holiday blues”.  I understand the pressure is on, and you might be asking yourself if you should take shopping for business gifts off Santa’s list this year.  With limited time on your calendar, it may even feel more of  an obligation that you could do without.  And in the back of your mind you may be wondering whether recipients need or want the gifts you choose (or it could be self-talk trying to justify a free pass?)!

Take a deep breath and hit the “re-set” button to refresh your thoughts around the holiday business gift subject.  There’s still time to get this important shopping done.  A good option is to keep it on Santa’s List, but delegate the task.  You can try Buying Time for the Holidays, my gift buying services  designed to help you get a few extra things done at the busiest time of year.

I believe it is so important to acknowledge your employees, clients or family and circle of friends with a seasonal gift of gratitude and appreciation.  And today with little effort  you can delegate this task to ™ and I will take care of the Holiday gift buying details for you. ™ is a Silicon Valley virtual administrative support service that is dedicated to assisting small business owners with a wide range of office support.  I am an Executive Assistant, certified Meeting / Event Planner, and Travel Coordinator with a background of 25 years’ experience supporting corporate office executives in the high-tech industry.

Happy Holidays!




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